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Dr. Biser Terziyski

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In 2008 Dr. Biser Terziyski graduated the faculty of Dental medicine at Medical University-Sofia. Since 2008 he has worked at the team of one of the leading dental clinics in Bulgaria „ЕО-Dent“, owned by Dr. Pavlovi. He has passed many courses on aesthetic stomatology, held by Prof. Sergey Radlonsky. Dr. Terziyski has also passed endodontic seminar and master course, held by Prof. Arnaldo Kastellucci. Dr. Terziyski has passed a course for placing implants “SKY“,held by Dr. Valentin Pavlov. Dr. Terziyski generally works in the following fields:

  • Aesthetic recovery by photo composite
  • Dental surgery
  • Endodontic activity
  • Aesthetic prosthetics
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Dental services

Aesthetic recovery

The aesthetic recoveries are complex and delicate professional field of work, requires thorough knowledge of the dental anatomy.

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Endodontic treatment

Endodontics is a huge discipline, but explained a few words– this means the treatment, filling and the whole treatment of the tooth’s root canal.

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While making a change in the patients’ smile through placement of crowns of facets the approach has to be very careful and precise.

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Surgical interventions are confusing for the patient.As a rule, prior to extraction of a tooth, it has to be made an x-ray.

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Questions and answers

Why should we keep our teeth strong?
I have a missing tooth. What can be done to remove this defect?
I have destroyed teeth, but i don’t feel pain. Should I make something?
I have a destroyed tooth, but I don’t want a crown to be placed. What are the options for the tooth?

Why me?

зъбчеEach patient has a unique dental status and the treatment has to take into consideration his individual peculiarities. In my practice I use intra-oral camera for visualization of the problematic areas in the mouth. I prescribe an x-ray to be made- segment or panoramic one. I also develop a treatment plan with its minimum and maximum depending on the used materials and what the patient can afford to pay for the treatment. I explain in details the advantages and disadvantages of each method of treatment and it has to be chosen the best one, considering the oral condition of the patient. Terziyski-Dent offers deferred payment in case of placement of multiple crowns and big constructions. You may have the desired smile today! Don’t hesitate to visit us for your prophylactic examination because only though making it you shall learn the truth about your oral health..


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