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tip-image2In 2008 Dr. Biser Terziyski graduated the faculty of Dental medicine at Medical University-Sofia. Since 2008 he has worked at the team of one of the leading dental clinics in Bulgaria „ЕО-Dent“, owned by Dr. Pavlovi. He has passed many courses on aesthetic stomatology, held by Prof. Sergey Radlonsky. Dr. Terziyski has also passed endodontic seminar and master course, held by Prof. Arnaldo Kastellucci. Dr. Terziyski has passed a course for placing implants “SKY“, held by Dr. Valentin Pavlov.

Dr. Terziyski generally works in the following fields::

Aesthetic recovery by photo composite100%

Dental surgery100%

Aesthetic prosthetics100%

Endodontic activity100%

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