How to take care about the teeth

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Guarantee for the solidity and good appearance of the teeth is their regular and correct prophylaxis, which has to start from the moment they are formed and has to continue all lifelong.

What happens if we don’t wash our teeth regularly and in the right way?

it is known that the tooth has five surfaces. In the process of washing we process only three of them. The two contact walls, which touch the neighboring teeth, stay unwashed.
The tooth-brush does not reach them and that’s why often an individual can form caries. The food, staying in the spaces between the teeth, gradually decomposes and this causes destroying impact on the thin enamel layer. The above appears the most frequent pathology amongst the dental diseases. Often it is accompanied by forming of sulphurous compounds, causing the bad breath of the mouth.

Why caries is so dangerous?

Caries develops very quickly and destroys the teeth. Only six months are enough for caries to be formed. This is the reason why we should see a dentist at least twice per year. The permanent use of tooth paste, containing fluorine is mandatory.

Why gums suffer also?

After we have had meal there is dental plaque – a thin film, containing residues from the food. It is the perfect environment for development of bacteria. If during the care about our teeth we don’t eliminate the plaque entirely, they shall calcify. The above process makes the so called tartar, which irritates the gums in addition. There is bleeding and then parodontitis.

How we should care in the right way?

The only way to have healthy, beautiful teeth and fresh breath is to observe the rules of the personal hygiene. The tooth-brush and the tooth-paste are not enough for the effective care. Even the most modern brush is not perfect – it can’t eliminate entirely the particles of food between the teeth. It can’t eliminate the dental coating, nor can it clean further than the end of the gingiva. The tooth-brush can’t penetrate the most dangerous places, where the dental problems start. These are accessible only for the dental floss, which is mandatory while cleaning the teeth.

What to do if the dental floss can’t pass between the teeth?

This means that there is a tartar formed, which can be removed only by dentist.

What have to do pregnant women?

The organism of these women suffers a huge tension and they have higher need from fluorine and calcium – the elements, which appear of significant importance for the formation of the bone system of the child. The teeth belong to that system. And if the future moms suffer from lack of fluorine and calcium, this may lead to caries yet at the third-forth month from the pregnancy.  Therefore the future moms have to visit dentist twice often.

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