When is necessary to be placed dental crowns?

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Though many of the Hollywood stars have dazzling smiles and perfect teeth thank to their dental crowns, this is not the main designation of the crowns.

Dental crowns are placed when there are really damaged, dead or destroyed teeth. The crown protects the destroyed tooth, restores the aesthetic appearance and brings back the normal masticatory function.

What is the dental crown?

The crown is something like denture, which is placed on the destroyed or broken tooth as it is cemented on it and it “covers” the whole tooth. In the past the crowns have been made by different kinds of precious metals as gold or from non-precious metals, but today the specialists use metal ceramic, ceramics or zirconium to make crowns.

What is good to know about the different types of crowns?

Metal ceramic dental crowns

The metal ceramic crowns are made by metal and ceramics. The internal part of the crown is made by metal and the external one-from ceramics. The internal, metal part has to be thick at least 0.4mm in order to be guaranteed enough solidity of the crown. This means that the tooth has to be filed and at least 2 mm from it has to be removed.

Problem in cases of metal ceramic dental crowns is that the metal, which is from the internal side, does not reflect the light and the tooth is slightly dark. The advantage of this type of crowns is that compared to the other two types they are most cheap.

Ceramic dental crowns

The ceramic crowns are the „golden mean”, if we speak about quality and price. They are made by high-quality ceramic, processed in a special way so as the dental crown imitates very successfully the real tooth. It is called “press-ceramic” for the way it is made in the dental laboratory.

Dental crowns from zirconium

Any dental specialist would tell you that the zirconium crowns are the best solution. They do not differ from the real teeth; they are made from zirconium dioxide, called by the specialists “the white steel”.

The zirconium dioxide has excellent bio-compatibility, light-pellucidity and it is processed by the dental mechanics very easy.

What are the procedures in placing of dental crown?

The beginning of this of course is to be visited a dental specialist, who shall make an examination and shall prescribe an X-ray to be made.
Before placing the crown, the tooth has to be filed in order to make room for placing the crown. The tooth filling is painless because it is made under anesthesia.

After the tooth is filed enough it is made a print from silicone, which is given to laboratory, where the dental mechanics make the crown.

Follow some „tests” of the crown while it is still not completely done in order to be made corrections if necessary.

The last stage is the sticking of the crown with the help of dental cement.

Source: Dental.bg