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    • Treatment of periodontitis
    • Treatment of pulpitis
    • Treatment of teeth, compromised from endodontic point of view
    • Treatment with machine instruments as well as manual treatment of the root canals.
    • In the course of the treatment is used apex-locator from 6-th generation

    Endodontics is a huge discipline, but explained a few words– this means the treatment, filling and the whole treatment of the tooth’s root canal. Of significant importance is to be observed the working protocol and each stage to be controlled via ex-ray. Only this way we can have foreseeable results and successful treatment .



    At Terziyski-dent we use the newest endo-motor of SybronEndo-TF ADAPTIVE for the machine treatment of the root-canal system.


    This is a revolutionary smart endo-motor, which besides its rotation movements uses also reciprocal ones. The advantages are as follows:
    -better cleaning of the root system
    -less dentine filled off particles from apical point of view
    -less post-operative pain
    TF ADAPTIVE operates with all kinds of Ni-Ti (nickel-titanium) instruments .Ni-Ti files are extremely flexible and even “ S“-curved roots are easily treated.

    Through a complex algorithm the endo-motor calculates the pressure and file angle in the root, it regulates the parameters (revs, torque, etc.) in order to be avoided wedging and breaking of the instrument.


    Now the most twisted canals are easy of treatment, which guarantees successful and foreseeable results from the endodontic treatment.
    Video-demonstration of the opportunities of the machine Ni-Ti files.