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 д-р. Бисер Терзийски


 Examination-consultation BGN   20
Conservative dental treatment
Obturation with photopolymer one wall BGN   40
two walls BGN   50
Three walls BGN   60
Restoration with photopolymer 3M ULTIMATE BGN   100
Iontophoresis with JKJ procedure BGN   20
Building of a tooth with a pin BGN   60
Temporary medicated insert BGN   20
Cleaning of carious mass and temporary obturation
BGN   20
Lavage BGN   20
Indextol BGN   20
Calcium hydroxide on application BGN   30
Trepanation BGN   25
Vital extirpation BGN   25
Arsenic BGN   25
Removal of radicular pin BGN   20
Removal of old obturation BGN   10
Obturation of perforations with MTA BGN   50
Adjustment and cementation of a parapulpar pin BGN   30  
Adjustment and cementation of a pin from fiberglass BGN   60   



Mechanical (digital) and chemical treatment of a root canal 1 canal 30 лв.
2 canals 40 лв.  
3 canals 50 лв.
Mechanic (with machine) and chemical treatment of a root canal 1 canal 60лв.
2 canals 70лв.
3 canals 80лв.
Filling of a root canal with sealer and gutta-percha 1 canal 30 лв
2 canals 40 лв.
3 canals 50 лв.




Terminal / conduction anesthesia BGN 15   
Extraction of a temporary tooth BGN 20  
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth BGN 30   
Extraction of two-rooted tooth BGN 40  
Extraction of multi-rooted tooth 50 BGN
Extraction of wisdom-tooth (normally cut) BGN 70 – 90  
Extraction of retained wisdom-tooth BGN 100 – 150  
Intra-oral incision of abscesses and phlegmons by placing a drain BGN 35   
Stopping of local hemorrhage by stitch BGN 30
Circumcision BGN 30
Curettage, washing, putting antibiotic BGN 30   


Apical osteotomy                                                                                                    BGN 150



Crown from metal ceramic (прагово filing) BGN 160 – 200
Crown from pure ceramic BGN 500   
Crown from zirconium ceramic BGN 600-700    
Porcelain facets BGN 600  
Porcelain inlay, onlay BGN 200
Crown blend ceramic BGN 130   
Temporary crown made in laboratory BGN 30
Temporary crown BGN 20  
Crown removal BGN 20
Pin-lay BGN 90
Crown sticking BGN 20
Plaque prosthesis BGN 250
Silicone prosthesis (Valplast) BGN 600
Rebasation of prosthesis BGN 40
Placement of a tooth in an old denture BGN 30 + 5
Placement of needle in an old denture BGN 20
Home whitening BGN 250    
Splint for bruxism BGN 110
Splint with fiber-span  BGN 30-fiber

 BGN 30 for each tooth



Cleaning of tartar by AIR FLOW glazing of all teeth BGN 70
Cleaning of tooth plaque and pigmentation with brush/rubber and AIR FLOW BGN 40   
Local fluoridation with gel /  lacquer BGN 5 per tooth
Treatment of mucosa diseases BGN 15