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ZOOM 2 ADVANCED POWER! The world most famous Philips whintening system.Safe and with guarantee result from 8 to 12 scale of shade!

Ultrasonic scaler for cleaning of calculus, manufactured by a leading company in the dental medicine – EMS. The power of the ultrasonic vibrations of miniPiezon may be regulated, which contributes for the patient’s comfort.


The polishing of the dentition is made with Air Prophy unit and aroma pearls.


Apex-locator Woodpecker from 6-th generation is used for precise measurement of the length of the root-canal tooth system.


Pistol for intraligamentary anesthesia -Henke-ject. It has pressure of the piston with fixed doses, for painless placement of anesthesia.


The polymerization of the photo-composites appears of extreme importance for their solidity. The photo-polymer lamp is manufactured by
Heraeus Kulzer-Translux wave, it belongs to the latest generation and has a soft-start regime.The intensity of release has a constant diapason, by which the polymerization stress of the composite is at minimum level.

Intra-oral camera with photo-censor of SONY 4MP for visualization of hardly-accessible areas in the mouth.


Powerful surgical aspiration GNATUS for evacuation of blood, saliva and exudates during surgical intervention. .


The newest matrix system of Densply-PALODENT PLUS for building of anatomic dental contact.


The instruments which are subject of sterilization have to be cleaned and disinfected. Supersonic tub with high capacity (70 W) and heating of the solution guarantee the cleaning on spots, which are inaccessible for manual brushing with brass brush. The supersonic waves make an effect of cavitation into the solution and remove all pollutions in depth. The prepared instrumentarium is packed and sterilized in a pressure-boiler.


Pressure boiler AUTOHOUSE AD7, class В, for sterilization of small-scale and large-scale instrumentarium. Pressure with water vapor and 134 degrees guarantees the elimination of all bacteria and viruses including HIV and hepatitis.
Endo-engine for processing the canal system by Ni-Ti files.


Periphery W&H with no vibrations, low noise and perfect cooling for the comfort of the patient

20150114_084938Caries detector for visualization of the caries lesion. The metabolites (porphirines), released by the bacteria, have a red color at length of the wave 405 nm.


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