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Aesthetic recovery
  • We use photopolymer of the highest quality – 3MUltimate
  • We make recoveries from 1 to 5 class
  • Splinting of frontal teeth with fybrospan (Kevlar fiber)
  • Building of destroyed teeth with a pin (made from fiber or metal)

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Endodontic treatment
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Treatment of pulpitis
  • Treatment of teeth, compromised from endodontic point of view
  • Treatment through machines, tools as well as by manual treatment of the root canals
  • • In the course of treatment is used apex-locator from 6-th generation
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  • Placing of metal ceramic of the highest quality
  • Placing of Zirconium ceramic
  • Placing of pure ceramic
  • Preliminary model, made by dental mechanic for you in order to have a notion about the form and the color of your new smile
  • Placing of facets
  • Whitening
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  • Extraction of roots, fractured teeth, retained wisdom teeth
  • Placing of an artificial bone
  • Removal of exostosis
  • Incisions and drainages of abscesses
  • Ceasing of local hemorrhages by suture (stitch)

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Welcome to our dental surgery! All manipulations are painless. We use special pistol (henke-ject) for anesthesia, called Citrojet. If the patient would like to have anesthesia with sedation, we work with a qualified anesthesiologist.

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