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  • It is used only the highest class photopolymer of 3M Ultimate.
  • Development of 1-5 class restorations
  • Splinting of front teeth with fiber-span (Kevlar fiber)
  • Building of destroyed teeth by placement of a pin (made from fiber or metal)

The aesthetic recoveries are complex and delicate professional field of work, which requires thorough knowledge of the dental anatomy. When we have well preserved dental tissues, the restoration of the defect may be even unnoticeably. In this case important role after the role of the doctor, is for the composite. At Terziyski-Dent we use only highest quality of nano-hybrid photopolymer of 3M ESPE Filtek Ultimate.

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Recovery of the interdental contacts appears serious challenge for each dental specialist. By the new matrix system of Densply-Palodent plus ,which we use at Terziyski-Dent, we reach anatomic contour and we prevent the food from penetrating the interdental area.



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The cleaning of the caries mass during preparation of the cavity is mandatory. Even if a single spot of infected dentin is left, secondary caries shall occur. The bacteria in the caries focus release specific metabolites (porphyrins) which may be found fluorescing in red upon wave length of 405nm. The visualization of the porphyrins is made by special lamp COXO C-HUNTER and filtrating glasses.

The above method of caries detection is the most secure for minimum removal of sold dental tissues and avoidance of non-cleaned caries areas to exist.
In my practice I use for treatment. modern equipment and materials from world-wide companies.